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Future Kind

Future Kind

Design by and for the People

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Manual and manifesto, an inspiration and a call-to-arms, this rich and timely survey presents over sixty innovative, socially and environmentally conscious design projects changing the world for the better. more

We have grown accustomed to two beliefs: the first, that only experts can be designers; the second, that our everyday activities are harming the natural world. Yet, with new platforms, digital communication and engaged online communities, the products we can now design – and truly need – can be made by anyone for social and environmental good. Social design can see that primary school children learn to code, and uses local information in off-grid locations to create global change. Open-source design is enabling us to re-make our world right now.

Sold out

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Article number: 24179 Category: Tags: ,
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Dimensions: 26 × 22 × 2.7 cm