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Famous Ordinary Things

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Famous Ordinary Things is a tribute to modest objects developed within Swiss design culture. The contributions are snapshots of personal items taken with a mobile phone by ‘famous’ Swiss actors in the creative, artistic or political field. The book is designed as a collaborative and participatory project. The process has been an intimate dialogue, resulting in a beautiful kaleidoscopic voyage through nostalgic and progressive visions, whereby the relationship between object and owner is filled with personal anecdotes and irony.more The images underline the ordinary character of a contemporary landscape of home and office interiors in Switzerland — showing how these objects impact our everyday lives. Famous Ordinary Things is the first title in the DABOOK series. The DABOOK project is an editorial spin-off from DADADUM initiated by Demian Conrad & Rob van Leijsen, and will explore design culture in its broadest sense.

Sold out


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