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Einstürzende Reichsbauten

Einstürzende Reichsbauten

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In her work, Henrike Naumann examines the aesthetics of (contemporary) fascism and the question of how political power can be staged through (interior) architecture. Born in Zwickau, the artist experienced extreme right-wing ideology as the dominant youth culture in her city in the early 1990s. more

In her work, she reflects on the history of right-wing terrorism in Germany as well as today’s broad acceptance of racist ideas in broad sections of the population. She looks at the mechanisms of radicalisation and their connection to personal experience and youth culture. Naumann explores the friction of contrary political opinions through the ambivalence of personal aesthetic taste. In her immersive installations, she combines video and sound with scenographic spaces. In Einstürzende Reichsbauten, the artist Henrike Naumann, the art historian Angela Schönberger and the architect and design theorist Andreas Brandolini develop a project that places Naumann’s work Ruinenwert (Ruin Value, 2019) in a discursive relationship to Schönberger’s research on Albert Speer and Brandolini’s postmodern design theory.


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