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Dune #1 2020 - Dark Room

Dune #1 2020

Dark Room

20,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Dune is a journal born in an academic environment, the Iuav University in Venice, and intends to configurate itself as an open territory, intertwining multiple writings on fashion, design and visual culture. more

The title of the first issue, Dark Room, is a theme that both cuts across boundaries and is mutable, depending on the perspective. Dark room is intended in a primary, original sense: it is an image, an idea, a device that allows us to tackle questions which are relevant for us. Understood in its significance as a place of encounter in which to experiment with promiscuity and, at the same time, a place in which photographers do their work.

Both are spaces that relate to the idea of “wait” and the “unexpected,” words that are connected to the development of the first issue of any journal: it is a leap into the void, an adventure.


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