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Disegno #29 Summer 2021

Disegno #29 Summer 2021

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A meeting with Marjan van Aubel to discuss the establishment of a solar democracy; a look at the multi-faith history of Mosul and Unesco’s effort to restore it through architecture; more

a discussion about the sustainability of foam upholstery with Daniel Schofield, Stefan Diez, Catherine Aitken and company; a celebration of IIttala’s magical glassworks with Ville Kokkonen and Florencia Colombo; reflections on accessible design and the need for greater diversity; a study of chronological curation and the problems therein; a journey through digital interfaces and robotic sneaker production with Kram/Weisshaar; a critique of digital furniture and the NFT boom; a visit to Lehrer Architects’ tiny home village for LA’s unhoused; an assessment of FinTech and “democratic” interface design; a new way to design around ageing, with Tom and Will Butterfield; and an architecture field trip into Naypyidaw, Myanmar’s vast military capital.

Sold out

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