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Disegno #24 Autumn 2019

Disegno #24 Autumn 2019

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Disegno #24 includes: A glimpse of panda diplomacy in action with BIG’s new enclosure for Copenhagen Zoo; seven collages that owe their forms to the flora and fauna of woodland; Daisy Alexandra Ginsberg and the problem of better; more

reportage from the Sudanese protests and their use of graphic art for self-determination; Virgil Abloh’s ceramic block for Vitra; a look at Polari and the creation of designed languages; fresh airspace architecture for McDonald’s Times Square; a trip around Helsinki with Company; death and ageing by way of FaceApp; a tour of Ukraine and the use of craft in shaping national identities; robotic parenting and Yves Béhar’s Snoo bassinet; documentation of Buenos Aires’s Barrio 31; a study of the future of Oscar Niemeyer’s Tripoli Fair; and a chance to win a magazine holder by Paul McCobb, re-editioned by Fritz Hansen.

Sold out

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