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Designing Lightness - Adriaan Beukers

Designing Lightness

Adriaan Beukers, Ed Van Hinte

40,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

The book ‘Designing Lightness. Structures for Saving Energy’ is an appeal to start designing minimum weight applications to seriously save energy. It also offers practical advice for doing so. more

Designing Lightness entertains the reader with its free associations, creating unexpected crosslinks between the world of composite materials and structural solutions. It therefore precedes the conventional approach to sustainability, which focuses on symptoms rather than causes of environmental overload. The book is of interest to all designing disciplines, combining packaging, vehicles, skyscrapers and nanoscale phenomena. Adriaan Beukers is an emeritus professor in Lightweight Structures. Ed van Hinte is a writer and award-winning critic with a design and engineering background. The book is the extended and improved sequel to their book Lightness, which appeared in 1998.


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