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Design Anthology UK Edition #10 2022

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In issue 10, we mark three years of existence as Design Anthology UK. From the start, we’ve promoted businesses and brands within our sphere of interest that stand for something, and that do things with heart. This issue we partnered with flooring brand Tarkett, which is committed to sustainable production practices and has launched a circular collection that is solid proof of its stance. We showcase our favourite materials from this range in tandem with responsible fashion and beauty brands that are doing their part to make change. We’re particularly proud of this story because it’s layered and beautiful, but more than anything, it highlights a drive to do better. Elsewhere in the issue we explore the digital realm in the art and collectible design market. We look at some of the most exciting high rise buildings being constructed of timber. And of course, we tour three beautiful homes in Italy, Switzerland and London that struck us in very different ways, though all brimming with soul.

Sold out

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