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Damn #86 Winter 2023/24

Redefining Pop Culture

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‘Opinions on contemporary culture’ Blurring the edges between design, art and architecture, this edition of Damn is themed Redefining Pop Culture:
‘In this issue we deconstruct Pop to discover elements of irony, satire and escapism, and we look at how Pop’s biggest power lies in how it unifies, how it breaks the boring binary, and how it offers fans a temporary reprieve from the challenges and complexities of real life…
Critics can condemn pop culture for its commercialism, and for prioritising narratives and visuals that are merely uplifting and entertaining. What the sternest of detractors undervalue, however, is the relief such distractions from harsh realities can bring; the psychological calm amidst the worst of upheavals that a piece of pop refuge provides.’

Sold out


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Dimensions: 27 × 21 × 1,5 cm