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Damn #78 Spring 2021

Damn #78 Spring 2021

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Mid-covid-19, we’ve all come crashing into a devastating existential moment; a vulnerability is rendering our favourite tools-for-communicating like irony, for example, somehow wrong. more

But what does it take to overcome the cultural pull, What does it take to say what you mean, and even more poignantly mean what you say? What does it take to get real? In the Let’s Get Real issue of DAMNº 78 we look to designers, artists, architects, film-makers and curators who not only say it as it is, but who seem to be prioritizing what is immediate and actual; who seem to shun the irony virus in favour of work that’s informed by more subtlety than narcissism. And even though so many of us have been confined to varying degrees of lockdown over this past year, developments in #blacklivesmatter, environmental-intersectionalism, and #metoo have successfully paved some real cultural shifts – new ways of thinking that move beyond woke hashtags and into institutional power structures. Reality is changing and it was earnestness, not irony that got us here.

Sold out

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