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Chasing Light - Paavo Tynell

Chasing Light

Paavo Tynell

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Chasing Light: The Archival Photographs and Drawings of Paavo Tynell is the first-ever book published in English about the prolific Finnish lighting designer Paavo Tynell. Focusing on the period 1946–1957, morethe book is based on previously unpublished photographs and work drawings that have been collected from archives. Over 100 archive photos and original drawings also present more unusual and rare variations of Tynell’s lighting design, as well as an in-depth look at the stunning Snowflake chandelier. Tynell’s light fixtures were manufactured by a group of highly-trained metalwork professionals, whose artistry is practically impossible to replicate. The key goal of the book is to feature photographs and drawings that are rich in content for the reader to get an idea of the high level of craftsmanship involved in making these lamps. The book has been written by Finnish antique dealer Ville Linna, and it has been printed in Finland.[/expand

Sold out

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