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Bauhaus Museum Weimar (EN)

Bauhaus Museum Weimar (EN)

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The Bauhaus comes from Weimar and will return to a new house in spring 2019. In the newly built Bauhaus Museum Weimar, the treasures of the oldest Bauhaus collection in the world will be on display in closed form for the first time. However, the volume not only presents design icons, but also provides a glimpse behind the façade of the Bauhaus myth through a multitude of other objects. more

The official volume on the new Bauhaus Museum Weimar opens up new perspectives on the Bauhaus not as a museum guide in the classical sense, but as a thematic volume on core issues of the Bauhaus period such as the New Man or the design of everyday life. Taking the central aspects of the exhibition as an example, the general question “How do we want to live? The Bauhaus idea is examined for potential for shaping the present and located as part of a local and worldwide network. More in-depth information encourages us to think further. The book also examines the architectural concept, building process and urban planning criteria of Heike Hanada's new museum building.


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