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Artists Homes

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This lavishly illustrated book is an intimate look at the interiors, lifestyles, and houses belonging to a wide range of artists and creatives. In this beautifully illustrated book, writer and photographer Tom Harford-Thompson presents individual, eccentric homes and workspaces, from a more

music producer’s studio to an ecowarrior’s treehouse. His evocative photographs show how our life/work spaces, whether a tumbledown cottage, a country farmhouse, or a reclaimed factory, are beautiful because of the lives we live in them. With work no longer separate from home life, we see how these artists function the spaces that inspire them, pursuing the life creative. Among the artists and craftspeople featured are internationally recognized names like Billy Childish, cofounder of the Stuckist art movement; Penny Rimbaud and Gee Vaucher, creative partners who set up their home and studio as an ‘anarchist-pacifist open house’; and music producer Liam Watson of the famed London studio Toe Rag. Harford-Thompson, whose work has been featured in the Guardian and Art Review, showcasing craft and design with a homespun edge. For people who want to move beyond glossy, styled homes and wish to revamp their personal spaces to make them truly individual, Artists’ Homes is an essential resource.

Sold out

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