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Yuca #3 2019 - The Sound Alibi & Time Issue

Yuca #3 2019 – The Sound Alibi & Time Issue

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Issue three of Yuca Magazine from Colombia is inspired by sound and time. It looks at situations and projects that link these two closely together like the mindnumbing trill of the cicades during dusk.more

Newsha Tavakolian is reimagining the blank pages of Iranian family photo albums, while David Spergel, a theoretical Physicist, is questioned about humankind’s ignorance about the universe which fuels a thirst for knowledge. A printed exhibition curated by Madelon Van She guides us through the realms of poetry, nostalgia, drama and emotional experience and tackles the difficulty of presenting sound and time on a silent and timeless medium like paper.

Comes with different Covers.

Sold out

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Dimensions: 29 × 22 × 1.8 cm