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WTF by Lodown 2019

WTF by Lodown 2019

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Lowdon Magazine had this in mind creating their latest WTF issue: Will To Fight. Waldo, ’Tis Found. What The Fuck. What is WTF? We’ve all heard it before, damn, we’ve probably all said it in unison at some point. It’s an acronym used world-round by 14-year-olds who like to pronounce it with a hard “double u”. It’s Marc Maron’s podcast. more

It’s what you say after good sex. It’s probably what you say after bad sex as well. It’s an exclamation of joy, disgust, surprise, disappointment, hilarity, and all the colors of the rainbow. It’s a universal idea, and everybody carries a little bit of it inside them. The thing is though, most of us aren’t allowed to showcase it. Day after day, normality and routine take a little bit of that WTF spirit away from us. And that’s okay most of the time, we have obligations after all. But not taking advantage of your independence and originality just doesn’t make any sense. We need to be reminded that mediocrity isn’t something to strive for.

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