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Will AI Replace Us? - A primer for the 21st century (The Big Idea)

Will AI Replace Us?

A primer for the 21st century (The Big Idea)

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This book is also available in German.

Will AI replace us? The past 60 years have witnessed astonishing growth in the field of artificial intelligence – the technology that teaches machines to sense, learn, reason and take action. From social media to Netflix, AI has already infiltrated our daily lives, while driverless cars and humanoid robots are starting to make seismic shifts in the way we interact with our world. more

Are we on the threshold of an AI-dominated reality? How will the ethics of this expanding field be enforced in practice? This astute and disquieting review evaluates whether AI can transform society and humanity for the better or whether its enormous capability will bring about a dystopian AI-controlled future for the planet.

Sold out

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Article number: 23864 Category: Tags: , ,
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