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What Shape Is Space?

What Shape Is Space?

A Primer for the 21st Century (The Big Idea Series)

17,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Part of Thames & Hudson’s innovative new ‘The Big Idea’ series, this well-informed and lucid book takes a comprehensive look at the incredible ideas and possibilities born from the simple question, ‘What shape is space?’ more

Gilles Sparrow gets to the bottom of questions as: If the edge of the observable Universe is not the edge of everything, where does it end? If we were to stand on the edge of our observable Universe, would we see another stretching before us? If the Universe is infinite, what kind of infinite do we mean? Does it consist of myriad bubble universes, each containing its own infinite universe? Or is it an evolving series of parallel universes or multiverses?


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