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Virtual Reality Edition Digital Culture #6 - Dominik Landwehr

Virtual Reality Edition Digital Culture #6

Dominik Landwehr

18,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

About immersing oneself in new, man-made realities. Virtual Reality was early on the wish list of computer developers. The dream of overcoming the flat world of images is old and is already appearing in baroque church domes. more

The magic word is immersion, immersing oneself in an artificial environment. Digitalisation has now brought this dream within reach for science and industry. The sixth volume of Edition Digital Culture highlights the potential of new forms of immersion in the field of culture with examples from film, television, museums, art, education, entertainment and gaming. Projects such as Birdly, Desktop Jacob Burckhardt Digital or the work of Mélodie Mousset will be presented. Side views of industry (medicine, architecture, archaeology) and the reconstruction of destroyed cultural monuments complete the presentation.



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