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Venice Unclocked – Rachel Spence, Giacomo Cosua

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Venice Unclocked is the first joint publication by writer Rachel Spence and photographer Giacomo Cosua. Having previously collaborated on other projects, both authors have lived in Venice and share the desire to capture the essence of the Italian city. The selection of images in this book offers a vision from the perspective of a native Venetian. The photographs focus on the walls of Venice, their colors, their reddish tones and the play of light. References to the past are interspersed with scenes from everyday life. In her text in particular, Rachel Spence invites the reader to delve into the various layers of time experienced in Venice. Together, text and images present an unexpected impression of the city, a calming personal vision away from the hustle and bustle of visitors. This small-format, cloth-bound publication is the third installment in the Ivorypress Cities collection, which explores the vision of a place through the eyes of an artist and the words of a writer. Previous titles include Madrid. Book of Books, a collaboration between writer Jorge Carrión and photographer Alberto García-Alix, and Roman Hours, a collaboration between writer André Aciman and photographer Jeannette Montgomery Barron.

Sold out


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