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Through the Threaded Needle - Marium Durrani

Through the Threaded Needle

Marium Durrani

40,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Through the threaded needle presents an in-depth nuanced discussion on the practice of garment mending. more

Drawing on rich ethnographic data, mending is traced across four cities to explore what communal garment repair events can tell us about how menders perform, learn and sustain their practice. As a backlash to the ‘throw away’ culture of fast fashion, recent years have witnessed the emergence of various public garment mending events in Western countries. This book highlights the broader implications of mending that need attention in the current sustainable fashion discourse and invites future research to actively challenge fast fashion dictates towards the practices of caring, inclusivity and stewardship.


Publisher: Aalto University Article number: 27792 Categories: , Tags: , , , ,
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