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The Playbook – Jennifer Jacquet

How to deny science, sell lies, and make a killing in the corporate world

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From an astute observer of business behavior and expert in climate denial comes a thought-provoking explanation of how corporations delay, distract, and deflect blame and spread disinformation surrounding health issues, pollution, and climate change. Are you a corporation out to make your fortune at any cost? Are you worried about “facts” and “experts” getting in the way of your profits? Do you wish you could make scientists, journalists, and anyone who asks questions about your suspect business practices disappear? Now you can. Whether you are selling tobacco, dealing in oil, or pushing pharmaceuticals, denying climate change or exploiting workers, The Playbook is here to help you obfuscate your way to what you want. Including how to: Massage the statistics to suit your needs. Or, even better, fund studies to make up some new ones; Attract and cultivate university professors who have an axe to grind and are short of cash; Make your problem somebody else’s problem—ideally the government’s; Remember: Tame journalists, PR firms, think tanks, lawyers, and threats of physical violence are your friends! Follow these rules and you are guaranteed to make a killing. It’s economic sense, after all.



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