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The Noise of Being

Sonic Acts Festival 2017

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The Noise of Being gathers a collection of different sorts of noises which were experienced during the 2017 Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam, and points out the different types of old and new noises of our existence.

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The noise is here to stay! During the 2017 Sonic Acts Festival in Amsterdam for instance, different kinds of noises were produced throughout the Festival’s organised conferences, clubbing nights, and in the partner museums and cinemas. This purple/green book is simply the assemblage of a selection of these noises. The noise of technology, the noise of capitalism, the noise of communication when it breaks to pieces, the noise of distractions, of bots, of screens and screams, the noise of advertisers, of molecular engineering, bacteria and policy makers. Imbued with thought provoking texts and images, the Noise of Being is a reminder and an invitation to continue the reflection about the dissonance of living.

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Dimensions: 24 × 17 × 1,5 cm