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The Debrist Manifesto - Scott King

The Debrist Manifesto

Scott King

26,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

“Someone else suggested that it could have been called How To Be A Loser In The Art World, which I thought was funny, and there is an element of that, but it’s broader than that too. I didn’t set out to write it as an ‘anti-self-help’ book. Quite the opposite, really. I wrote it as ‘my truth’, I didn’t edit it, I just let it pour out… the manifesto, ultimately, is about embracing ‘failure’, looking for the excitement and potential within that – you know – rather than being in a state of constant frustration/fury/misery because you do not have what it is you think you want; it is about embracing what you do have, even if that seems like shit.” SCOTT KING


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