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Ten Cities

Clubbing in Nairobi, Cairo, Kyiv...

37,38  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

The image of the DJ dragging his record case through international “non-places” and deejaying in clubs around the globe is one of the clichés of our time. more

Club cultures have a rich local history and are at the same time much more differentiated geographically speaking than the story of the North Atlantic axis of Detroit–Chicago–Manchester–Berlin would have us believe. This book expands the focus. It looks at ten club capitals in Africa and Europe, reporting on different scenes from the big name to the supposedly peripheral. The local music stories, the scenes, the subcultures and their global networks are reconstructed in twenty-one essays and photo sequences. The tale they tell is one of clubs as laboratories of otherness, in which people can experiment with new ways of being and assert their claim to the city. Ten Cities is a nocturnal, sound-driven journey through ten social and urban stories from 1960 through to the present.

With texts by: Rui Miguel Abreu, Bard Bardetzky, Vitor Belanciano, Tony Benjamin, Danilo Capasso, Iain Chambers /Vincenzo Cavallo, Kateryna Dysa, Maha ElNabawi, Michelle Henning / Rehn Hyder, Rangoato Hlasane, Johannes Hossfeld, Angela Mingas, Ali Mohsen, Marissa Moorman, Joyce Nyairo, Billy Odidi, Sean O’Toole, Tobias Rapp, Florian Sievers, Mudi Yahaya



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