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STIGMA #1 2021

STIGMA #1 2021

4,20  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

“The Cannabis is Medicine Issue” — Yes, It’s true. Science says so and the inventors of traditional Chinese medicine knew it too. Only douchebags deny knowledge. Sure, everybody has to define medicine on his/her/its own. more

Everyone’s pain needs a different cure. But dear reader, be aware: you won’t find the perfect formula to your rheuma treatment on the following twenty pages. That limited spreads are composed quite thoroughly and the magazine is stacked with much more. With the intention to help you see a plant — which you might already adore — through a different perspective. At this point I want to thank Tsehaitu Abye for big time inspiration and the title to this issue. Pass it on.

24 pages of cannabis and culture 21+ feat. Tsehaitu Abye, Shennong, Jonny Banger, Fjaak, Gem Hale, Nas Tea, Tom Hemp’s, Skinny Finsta, Wondering Woman plus a free supplement poster by Anna Hofmann and a sample baggy with two PURIZE® filters. The magazine comes with two different covers (A + B).



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