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Spiral Issue #1

Spiral Issue #1

20,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

To understand America, in all its complexity, one would have to understand football — from its roots and tribal following, to its promise and contradiction. Far passed its violent nature, football is a game that faithfully reflects the hopes and fears of America. A spirit of technology and science, music and fashion, of art and design—embodied by the fans and communities that tune into every blow of the whistle.more

Despite being the most popular sport in America, I longed to see a platform that faithfully represented individuals of all-walks, who have been engaged through the culture of football. SPIRAL was born out of this void—a necessity to cover the long overlooked aspects of the game. From its physical and emotional nature to the traditions engendered within fans and the subsequent imprints sparked within art and design, to music, fashion and politics.


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