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Sontag. Her Life

Benjamin Moser

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'In this long-awaited, brilliant biography, Benjamin Moser shows us how to read Susan Sontag – and, by extension, her times – in the present, and reveals the extends and limits of her genius. His psychologically nuanced critical study is written with sang-froid and compassion.' Chris Kraus more

Susan Sontag was our last great literary star. Her brilliant mind, political activism and striking image made her an emblem of the seductions – and the dangers – of the twentieth-century world. Her writing on art and politics, feminism and her homosexuality, celebrity and style, medicine and drugs, Fascism and Freudianism, Communism and Americanism, reflected the conflicted meanings of a most conflicted word: modernity. Drawing on hundreds of interviews, featuring nearly one hundred images, never seen before – Sontag is the first book based on the writer's restricted archives. It is an indelible portrait of one of the twentieth century's greatest thinkers, who lived one of the century's most romantic – and most anguished -lives.

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Sold out

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