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Slow Grown – Ciara Callaghan

Plants, Folklore and Natural Dyeing

13,55  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

This zine turns our eyes to the great histories of natural dyers. Women, witches and healers throughout time have practised dyeing out of necessity and joy, and passed down the sacred knowledge to their children. Now rooted in the pages of this zine, we honour these women – the women who taught us how to deliver our babies, to use herbs as medicines, to cook, spin, sew, and dye. It features 8 dye recipes available to any forager, alongside their accompanying folklore. Including oak, apple, and elder, this zine will teach readers the basics of natural dyeing with local and readily available ingredients, thereby helping in saving the ancient practice of colouring cloth. Its author, artist Ciara Callaghan, hopes that by practicing natural dyeing the reader will also enjoy a new and intimate relationship with the natural spaces around them.



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