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Sight Unseen

Visualising the Unseeable through Art and Science

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In 2019, the previously unseeable became seen when the first image of a supermassive black hole was captured by the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) project. Taking its initial inspiration from this pivotal event, Sight Unseen considers phenomena in our universe once hidden from human sight, now made visible through the combined efforts and outputs of artists and scientists. Collaborative, multidisciplinary and non-hierarchical in its scope, this collection of essays and images draws on Western and First Nations knowledge systems to ask readers to see together. To see via cross-disciplinary collaboration; to see with help from non-human forces and beings; to see the togetherness often hidden from our gaze; and to strive to see an ecological and cosmological entirety while acknowledging, through practiced humility, that we can only ever see a small portion of what exists. At its most fundamental, the act of seeing is the sensory experience of detecting light. A confluence of science, art, cultural knowledge, imaging and imagining, Sight Unseen – which is edited by Edward Colless, Suzie Fraser, and Ryan Jefferies, and designed by Daly & Lyon – positions the notion of sight to be so much more.



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