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Seed #1 A/W 2019

Seed #1 A/W 2019

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In its first issue Seed interviews Patrick Holden, founder of the Sustainable Food Trust, and discuss what it means to farm sustainably; the implications of the rise in plant-based diets; and the future of global food production.more

In celebration of slow living and craftsmanship, we visit Nila House, a cultural centre in Jaipur dedicated to preserving and protecting India’s rich heritage in handicraft skills. We speak to ceramic artist Celia Dowson about why the value in owning a hand-made object extends far beyond the aesthetic, and how the beauty in nature is such an influential source of inspiration in her work. We also meet hand-knitter Stephanie Laird to discuss why one of Britain’s oldest crafts is in danger of being lost from our culture.

Sold out

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