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Safar #6 2021

Safar #6 2021


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In the sixth issue, Power, Safar explores the commodification of academia as evaluation forms multiply and students worldwide stare out into computer screens; examines the extensive cultural and environmental narrative that Hezbollah has cultivated in Lebanon and beyond; discusses the process of dismantling racist and colonial powers structures in U.S. design institutions; more

shares artifacts tracing the long and complicated history of electricity shortages in Lebanon; considers the revolutionary potential of Palestinian printed material; and more.Safar is a biannual and bilingual design and visual culture journal published in Beirut. The name Safar is Arabic for travel, and it refers to notions of communication, especially across disciplinal, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. Safar was created to remedy the scarcity of critical writings on design in the global south, and it aims to acknowledge designers as active agents of cultural production. 


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