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Risiko #1

Risiko #1

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After an international crowdfunding campaign last November, Berlin based independent magazine RISIKO, which explores the current German underground and alternative music scene, has released its first issue.more

Music in Germany is often associated with an image of techno and metal genres. The rock-focused scene, meanwhile, remains out of the spotlight. RISIKO aims to introduce often isolated music circles to an audience outside of Germany whilst creating an environment in which musicians can express themselves freely. By delving into the music we love, we wish to record current happenings in the scene. The first issue explores the theme of the “WALL”. With interviews from 30, generation spanning musicians based in Germany, the magazine raises the question, “Do you think there is a “WALL” in the current German music scene?” The feature includes lead musical figures such as Damo Suzuki (CAN), Michael Rother (NEU!), Robert Görl (DAF), Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), as well as more contemporary acts like Isolation Berlin, Fenster, International Music, and many more.



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