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Real Review #7 Sommer 2018

Real Review #7 Sommer 2018

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Woke Awakening. You’ve been privatised, pathologised, indebted and exploited. Civil society is disintegrating, and hard-won freedoms are being undone. Yet from this maelstrom has emerged an intense clarity: a desire for sobriety, self-control, altruism, generosity, and the pursuit of mental and physical wellbeing. We are more aware, informed, engaged, and alert to social injustices – particularly of race, gender and geography. We are woke. But is this miraculous awakening to structural inequalities true or merely tokenistic? Is wokeness a fad, or a systemic, generational shift in social ethos?
Real Review is a contemporary culture magazine with the strapline “what it means to live today”.

Sold out

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