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Oh #62 2021

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The last issue of oh mag… hello autumn, farewell friends! Our beautiful new, slow and mellow autumn issue is out now and holds the theme ‘secret’ at its heart. Within the 132 pages, we explore the ways in which we share our inner hopes, wildest wishes and silent shadows (even if only with ourselves). From the ever-growing more

(and unifying, universal) language of emojis, to the historical mysteries surrounding homeopathy, we navigate the little-known paths that take us to unexpected places. We explore both the importance of facing our own demons within the pages of a personal diary while also celebrating the creative benefits of visual storytelling via social media. Secrets, we learn, can be a source of passionate inspiration – fuelling us to follow our dreams irrespective of societal expectation. From the pilgrims who walk out in search of life’s truths, to the artists who find answers in nature’s featherlight brushstrokes, this secret issue was nevertheless made to be shared – because good things happen when we listen to each other.

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