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Nomad Interview #2 New York

Nomad Interview #2 New York

What's your Wacky?

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Nomad Interview met 12 wackies in New York to take a deep look at ‘what they have in mind and what they base their actions on’, ‘what their talents are and what their wackiness is’, ‘how they use their abilities to help the world’, and in order to grasp their thoughts and attitudes. We wanted to meet the individuals who are the leaders of the world in New York where people of various individualities and talents operate experimental businesses, in order to explore their unique philosophies, individualities, and attitudes and discuss the values that we need. more

Featuring 12 wacky people who realized their unique individualities in New York and succeeded in the world based on them: Legend of the advertisement industry, David Droga, king of Beauty Cosmetics, John Demsey,the symbolic icon of Vogue, Grace Coddington, the young master architect, Rafael de Cardenas, the start-up genius, Tobias Peggs, the textbook of graphic design, Bob Gill, the maverick in the classical music circles, Ji, the new club kids, Tom Jackson and Abi Benitez, the artist that celebrities love, Cacho Falcon, new American fashion designer with philosophy, Thaddeus O’Neil and the 70-years-old fashion illustrator, Richard Haines.

We hope you find ‘that wacky guy in you’ in this journey with them.


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