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Mirage Anthology

Jamais Vu

Sold out

Please note that some of these copies may not as mint as they were anymore, so contact us and we’ll send you some pictures!

Mirage Magazine was founded independently in 2009 by Henrik Purienne and Frank Rocholl as a 400 page fashion and culture magazine inspired by the photographic aesthetic and hedonistic culture of the 1960s and 1970s.more

Subject matter relates to timeless aesthetics in the fields of architecture, art and design interweaved with visions of forgotten utopias, unsung heroes and cinematic stagings. Editorial content has a documentary feel and often reflects the personal relationship of photographer and muse, with key themes being summer, sun, youth, freedom and rebellion.

Sold out


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Weight: 1,7 kg
Dimensions: 30 × 23 × 3,3 cm