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Lodown Magazine – Guestlist

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Regardless if you’re doing it for the purpose of relaxation or for releasing a lot of stress, having a night out could have an almost purifying effect. Things then will certainly look even more peachy when your name is on the guest list. It’s just perfect in case you want to have a life but it shouldn’t be too real. People who aren’t on the guest list are officially uninvited. At least that?s how you should feel when your name made it on one. You put so much energy, smalltalk, omnipresence and social media action into it, you deserve to be treated like royalty. If there’s one constant you can count on, then it certainly is that being on the guest list still is the ultimate status check. For their GUEST LIST issue, Lodown was hanging out backstage, enjoyed private views, got drunk at uncountable vernissages, took a closer look at flyer culture, high-fived a few bouncers – and even let a few guest art directors take over a couple of pages. All for the simple reason that you don’t have to queue. You?re welcome. Now let’s dance.


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