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Lodown Magazine - Drifters 2022

Lodown Magazine – Drifters 2022

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Drifters, by classic definition, aren’t necessarily individuals you want to spend time with, as they tend to waste everything from everyone else before they disappear. They’re regarded as scammers, frauds, bottom feeders, wanderers. They are pioneers of the generation Me.
On a more positive note, one could state that creating a world where attributes like age, gender, origin or status are insignificant is close to developing an utopia – if the ulterior motives just wouldn’t be so damn egoistical.
But what about defining being a drifter as someone who’s simply not too interested in any kind of affiliation to genres, specific scenes or a societal value system that feels outdated? As someone driven by the necessity to change and constantly move – physically and mentally?
Exhale the last of the old. Inhale the first of the new.


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