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Lodown Magazine

Simple Issue 2022

9,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

The last year and a half didn’t necessarily feel like a walk in the park for the very majority of us, concluding in the unfortunate fact that it actually shouldn’t be so goddamn exhausting just to be alive. Life might be the most exciting when you need to improvise, but if exception turns into a forced routine, the figure climbing out of the ashes can only be a damaged one in the end. The pandemic turned into a cultural nightmare as more

restrictions gave corporations the carte blanche to finally abandon culture from their expenses for good. Small businesses are eaten up by delivery companies running on exploitation models. Social interactions are declared as being irresponsible. Pharma affiliates can’t legally be held accountable for any possible failure of their product. Consent culture is forcing a corset on second thoughts while doctrines and technocracy high-five each other. Welcome to the new now. And that’s exactly why we close 2021 with The Simple (Life) Issue, an essential antidote for a predominately tiring year. It’s bursting with off the cuff visual grandeur, floating off into your subconscious and beyond while delivering a colorful slice of life to prove that things still feel free for those who dream.


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