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Lissome Magazine #2 2021

20,56  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Comes with different Covers.

In The Lissome #2: Rewilding, we embrace our shared aliveness and joyfully dance for a “rewilding” of our world. We come to explore more

a new worldview for the 21st century (in conversation with biologist and philosopher Andreas Weber) and delve into how “enlivenment,” a culture of aliveness, poetry and beauty, could help break down the illusion of separation and heal our estrangement from the natural world (and thus ourselves). We look at how the “Earth Logic Fashion Action Research Plan”, outlined by trailblazing fashion academics Mathilda Tham and Kate Fletcher, puts forward a plan for the fashion sector that replaces growth logic with Earth Logic and with it, a new purpose for activity in the fashion sector, where actions lead to increased health of the planet and its people.  “Localism gives us greater autonomy from global capitalism, and resilience through being able to better self-provision. And in so doing, when crafted from local fibres and dyes, our clothing reconnects us to our local landscapes and culture” – this is the liberating intention of the Fibershed movement, and we learn about it from Emma Hague and Deborah Barker who are pioneering the formation of regenerative fibre systems communities in the UK. Together with musician, activist and author Sam Lee, we travel through the world of folk mythology and sing with the nightingales, and we weave an ode to the unlit with poet Stacey Cotter Manière. In “A Sensual Awakening”, we open our minds and hearts to the power and wisdom of pleasure and sensuality in fashion activism and life, and to rest and slowing down as a potent political protest. We explore the animism of supply chains in “The Life Force of Cloth”, and in “Reclaiming the Sacred”, we delve into the the timeliness of healing with plants and the world of modern witchcraft. We join permaculture activists and fearless forest guardians on their quest to protect and to live respectfully and in balance with the Earth. We treasure adornments from nature, and are in awe of ancestral craftsmanship techniques such as straw weaving, advanced by Emma Bruschi, the winner of the distinguished Chanel Métiers d’art 19M prize award for the 35th edition of the Hyères Fashion Festival. And there is much more for you to discover – it’s a liberating ride of intention and beauty, opening the doors of perception.



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