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Life for Sale - Yukio Mishima

Life for Sale

Yukio Mishima

Sold out

A darkly funny cult classic of a novel from one of Japan’s most revered authors Yukio Mishima. After botching a suicide attempt, salaryman Hanio Yamada decides to put his life up for sale in the classifieds section of a Tokyo newspaper. more

But what begins as mere nihilism takes a turn for the unexpected as interested parties come calling with increasingly bizarre requests. What follows is a madcap comedy of errors, involving a jealous husband, a drug-addled heiress, poisoned carrots–even a vampire. For someone who just wants to die, Hanio can’t seem to catch a break, as he finds himself caught up in a continent-wide conspiracy that puts him in the cross hairs of both his own government and a powerful organized-crime cartel. Wildly inventive, darkly comedic, and at times deeply surreal, Life For Sale is refreshingly unlike anything else in Yukio Mishima’s oeuvre, and an essential work of international literature.

Sold out

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