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Licht, Luft, Scheiße

Perspektiven auf Ökologie und Moderne

28,00  inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versand

Comes as three books altogether.

The ecological question is not new. Already more than a hundred years ago, in reaction to the increasing industrialisation and urbanisation under capitalism, thought models and practices emerged that are reflected in our current ideas of sustainability. more

After a two-year research phase, Licht Luft Scheiße is now realizing two exhibitions, an extensive series of films, discussions and lectures, and a self-organized educational program. The project’s transdisciplinary claim is supported by the special cooperation between the Botanical Museum Berlin, the Martin-Elsaesser-Foundation, the Neighbourhood Academy in the Princess Garden Kreuzberg and the new Society for Visual Arts (nGbK). In the exchange of artistic, scientific and political-activist perspectives on ecology and modernity, the aim is not only to establish a sustainable cultural knowledge production, but also to develop a concrete vision of the future for a permanent place of learning, for soil construction and composting of human shit on the grounds of the Prinzessinnengarten Kreuzberg.



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