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Library of Exile

Edmund de Waal

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Edmund de Waal: library of exile has been published to accompany the British Museum and Edmund de Waal’s art installation of the same name. This beautifully produced book reflects upon the themes raised by de Waal’s thought-provoking work of art. more

A preface by Booker Prize-nominated author Elif Shakef considers the importance of literature and its capacity to transcend language and borders. The introduction from British Museum Director, Hartwig Fischer, positions the artwork within the wider context of the Museum’s collection, highlighting the dialogue between objects through time, from ancient history to the contemporary. Finally, de Waal concentrates on the work itself, its journey to the British Museum via Venice and Dresden, and its future role in the foundation of the new University of Mosul Library.

Library of exile is a contemplative read which celebrates language and the opportunity for dialogues with the displaced.

Sold out


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