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Gymclass Winter 2019

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With the original series of Gym Class, Gregor shared his love for magazines through commentary on their design and coverage of the people behind them. Issue by issue the magazine became more and more packed with ideas and detail as he celebrated the magazine format.more

The new version retains his passion for the subject but is a simpler prospect both in terms of production and reader enjoyment. It has become a kind of almanac, collecting a series of magazine interviews from various sources on a single subject. Each issue will adopt a different theme as the strand that ties the parts together. Happily, the relaunch issue is The Magazine Issue, and features a string of interviews with some of our favourite magazine editors. Keen magCulturalists will probably be familiar with most of the texts, but it's useful to have them collected together. And there's a lovely bonus column at the end that looks at fact-checking.

Sold out

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