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Guess who is the happiest girl in town? - Susi Wyss

Guess who is the happiest girl in town?

Susi Wyss

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If one can believe old photographs, then Susi Wyss (born 1938) was an angel in satin, but the view from her darkly framed eyes tells a different story. Susi's richly illustrated memoirs, Guess Who Is the Happiest Girl in Town, are the stuff dreams are made of elsewhere.more
After attending the Zurich Fashion School, Susi meets an aristocratic couple in Saint-Tropez who introduced her to the world of European jet-sets. The hustle and bustle surrounding “sweet life” may at some point seem tasteless, but it was once as exciting and outrageous as Susi's movements when artists like the Swiss artist Manon worked with her or photographers like June (alias Alice Springs) and Helmut Newton immortalized her in books and magazines as a sexually liberated feminist pioneer.It was not until she was in her mid-thirties that Susi Wyss turned her lifestyle into money and worked as a call girl, whose illustrious clientele included greats from the worlds of politics, business and art. After only a short time, she was overwhelmed with satisfying demand and recruited more beautiful girls. In no time Susi had become a worldwide known “Madame”. In Guess Who Is the Happiest Girl in Town the darker side of one and the same medal opens up: the loss of youth, deaths and the time when drugs and alcohol were no longer just fun. At forty, she finally ended her call girl career and started with a report about her life. “If Xaviera Hollander [a Dutch ex-porn starlet, …] could write a sex book, why couldn't I?” This is also the case with Susi's sensually slapstic stories: If they don't hit you straight in the heart, then much deeper, below the belt.

Sold out

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