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Flaneur #8 2019

Kangding Road/Wanda Road - Taipei

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For everybody who is keen for not-another-ordinary-Launch-Party swing by at the HKW for the very first Flaneur Festival celebrating their seventh issue ‘Kangding Road/ Wanda Road – Taipei’ from Aug. 31, 11 am until Sept. 01, 7.30 am.

For its 8th issue Flaneur is following the rivers of Taipei, we end up in Wanhua, the oldest part of the Taiwanese capital. This part of town is often perceived as the city’s periphery yet we consider it as its gates. more

In an interdisciplinary, collaborative effort the axis of Kangding Road and Wanda Road is mapped out from different angles, revealing the layers, colonial implications, unvoiced stories and contradictions of this place of displacements. The issue is bilingual, English and Mandarin.

Contributors: Betty Apple, Chan Wei-Hsiung, Lotus Hui-Ching Chang, Sheryl Cheung, Chi Ti-Nan, Chou Yi, Brian Chee-Shing Hioe, Hu Shu-Wen, Snow Huang , Hung Hung, Zo Lin, SuYu-Hsin, Teng Chao-Ming, Senthuran Varatharajah, Wu Ming-Yi, Manbo Key, Yu Cheng-Ta, Zhang Xu-Zhan

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