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Fingers Crossed #0 2020

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Fingers Crossed is the result of a research, design, and workshop process into Hong Kong?s Horse racing culture. 

«Horse racing has been an inextricable part of Hong Kong?s heart and soul. From the moment the first thoroughbreds galloped around Happy Valley in 1846 to the hundred billion industry in the past few years, horse racing has always been a symbol of Hong Kong?s identity. For tourists from around the world, going to the races has been one of the must-do activities when visiting. For locals, it is way of life.» ? Tom Biddington

The project was lead by David Loy and Federico Paviani during the ECAL/HKDI Residency program between September and December 2018. Fingers Crossed features photographs, visual experiments, texts and two interviews with Brian Kwok, author of Fading of Hong Kong neon lights ? The archive of Hong Kong visual culture, Circle Lo, an artist and sculptor for the HKJC/Hong Kong Jockey Club and the manager of the HKJC history web archive.

Sold out


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