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Financing Our Common Future

In the time of COVID-19

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Bad news about climate change, shrinking resources, global health crises, species extinction and growing inequalities cause consternation and insecurity for many people, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. This book explains in simple but precise terms, aided by Ruedi Baur’s concise illustrations, what “finance” is, and how its most innovative form, sustainable finance, can reconcile the well-being of mankind with the capacities of our planet.more

Is there a way to convince society that a fundamental transition is necessary, or even more: that it is possible? Can sustainable finance help? Financing Our Common Future offers encouraging perspectives by showing how little-known groups of financial stakeholders, such as development banks, are actively working to make sustainable finance happen. The book invites you to enjoy a journey through a multitude of situations, to question our preconceptions and to open our minds to deeper thought, so we can envision ways of moving forward.

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