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Elska #45 – Glasgow, Scotland

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This issue, our 45th outing, was made in Glasgow, Scotland. It’s our fourth UK city, now completing our goal of featuring a city in each of UK’s four constituent countries, following Cardiff in Wales (issue 07), London in England (issue 19) and Belfast in Northern Ireland (issue 31). Were we saving the best for last? Perhaps!

Inside the issue you’ll get our classic blend of honest photography and personal storytelling, revealing the real lives of a smattering of ordinary local men from Scotland’s biggest LGBTQ community, and giving a taste of the real Glasgow. And as usual for Elska, prepare for surprises… You’ll see these men photographed in the streets of this gorgeous city, often beset by dark clouds and rain, but with often peppered with pops of sunshine, and wildflowers everywhere. And you’ll also see them in their homes, with their bodies alongside multiple cups of tea, more flowers, and maybe a kilt or two.

Sold out


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