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Elska #36

Montreal, Quebec - Vol. 1

Sold out

Welcome to our first ever two-volume issue, made in Montréal, Québec. This is perhaps the most fun and exciting city in Canada, a double-language town that deserves nothing less than a double-size Elska. Beyond the stories, the photography reveals honest and candid images of the men in their city’s streets and in their own homes. Here you’ll find a lot of maple leaves, a bunch of dépanneurs, a fair few poutineries, ruelle verte after ruelle verte, and also an insane amount of nudity. Just some of the reasons why this Elska series is vraiment exceptionnel! The vol.1 mag features chapters dedicated the following local participants: Max G, Jeremy S, Ricky G, Vincent L, Erik B + Thibaut T, Kaelen S, Lane B, and Benoit A

Sold out


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